Welcome to JRNE!

Japan Research Network Edinburgh is a new group, facilitated at the University of Edinburgh, which aims to bring together scholars and students with an interest in Japan from all across the UK.

Our interests range from history and politics to culture, science & tech, religion, medicine, language, the law and international relations. You can see a list of members here, or alternatively you can search for names and areas of interest using the ‘search’ bar above. A full list of members’ interests is shown on the left-hand side of this page.

We welcome new members, from the UK and beyond. To join our network, and/or to sign up for our mailing list, please email us.

We hold seminars several times a year in Edinburgh – please see our Events page for details. Our inaugural seminar was held on Thursday 12th March 2015, with a talk from Dr Angus Lockyer (SOAS).